The Farewell Tour…

The Farewell Tour…

So, umm… what’s going on here?


Starting in May of last year, I released the first installment of WHIZ!BAM!POW!, BOOK ONE: OLLIE  in weekly episodes. Over the course of last summer, the entirety of BOOK ONE was released, including three radio show episodes, THE ADVENTURES OF THE SENTINEL. It was a joyous – if insanely busy – time.

And then, my brain exploded and couldn’t wrap its head around BOOK TWO: FRANK. It had ripped and pulled at me for over a year. Finally, in February (February 24, to be precise, a day etched forever in my brain) of this year, I finished the sonuvabitch and released BOOK TWO as a complete novelette, with the promise that BOOK THREE would be coming shortly.

Well, that didn’t happen, and, I fear, the momentum was gone. I moved onto other projects like MYSTERY ILLUSION THEATRE, my current work in progress, a narrative non-fiction piece, and a novel. I was burned out on the story, and was worried that I had nowhere to go.

I was wrong.