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Chapter One: An Adventure in Every Bite

Chapter One: An Adventure in Every Bite

The decoder ring still turns — the answers to mysterious coded ciphers in rusted aluminum relief — but not with the same ease as its glory days. Ollie turns the ring’s rusty top, G with A, H with B. He takes a deep breath and pulls the lever.

Three cherries.

Quarters drop into the tray below. He’s on his way. He can double — hell, triple — that ten grand.

–– And THAT’s how you do that!

Ollie smiles at no one in particular, his pride lost in the sea of hunched-over slot machine treasure hunters scouring the hyper-reality of the Foxhole Casino. He straightens his tie –– his favorite, the one with the sunflowers. Never goes out of style. He winks at Margie, her omnipresent poker face betraying nothing resembling awe. She turns and focuses on the slot machine in front of her.

Lady luck’s on his side. He can feel it. He twists the decoder ring. I with C. J with D. Another coin into the slot. Another deep breath. He pulls the lever.

A Linen Forcefield

A Linen Forcefield

Every night, safe in his forcefield of linen sheets, Ollie thrills to the four-color adventures inside Whiz!Bam!Pow! Comics #7.  Every night he gives voice to its characters, bringing The Sentinel, Margot, and their colorful cast of nefarious rogues to life; they are his friends, his trusted companions. They grew up together. Eleven years old, right down to the month: August, 1938.


The Farewell Tour…

The Farewell Tour…

So, umm… what’s going on here?


Starting in May of last year, I released the first installment of WHIZ!BAM!POW!, BOOK ONE: OLLIE  in weekly episodes. Over the course of last summer, the entirety of BOOK ONE was released, including three radio show episodes, THE ADVENTURES OF THE SENTINEL. It was a joyous – if insanely busy – time.

And then, my brain exploded and couldn’t wrap its head around BOOK TWO: FRANK. It had ripped and pulled at me for over a year. Finally, in February (February 24, to be precise, a day etched forever in my brain) of this year, I finished the sonuvabitch and released BOOK TWO as a complete novelette, with the promise that BOOK THREE would be coming shortly.

Well, that didn’t happen, and, I fear, the momentum was gone. I moved onto other projects like MYSTERY ILLUSION THEATRE, my current work in progress, a narrative non-fiction piece, and a novel. I was burned out on the story, and was worried that I had nowhere to go.

I was wrong.

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