The Farewell Tour…

The Farewell Tour…

So, umm… what’s going on here?


Starting in May of last year, I released the first installment of WHIZ!BAM!POW!, BOOK ONE: OLLIE  in weekly episodes. Over the course of last summer, the entirety of BOOK ONE was released, including three radio show episodes, THE ADVENTURES OF THE SENTINEL. It was a joyous – if insanely busy – time.

And then, my brain exploded and couldn’t wrap its head around BOOK TWO: FRANK. It had ripped and pulled at me for over a year. Finally, in February (February 24, to be precise, a day etched forever in my brain) of this year, I finished the sonuvabitch and released BOOK TWO as a complete novelette, with the promise that BOOK THREE would be coming shortly.

Well, that didn’t happen, and, I fear, the momentum was gone. I moved onto other projects like MYSTERY ILLUSION THEATRE, my current work in progress, a narrative non-fiction piece, and a novel. I was burned out on the story, and was worried that I had nowhere to go.

I was wrong.

Now, I’m back to work on Book Three, and it’s already led to a retcon in BOOK ONE. It’s the end of a journey, and I’m ready to let these characters who have been with me for years, go. WHIZ!BAM!POW! is all about connections and gaps, and letting you bridge those gaps. It’s about bringing people together around one fictional work of fiction. For the story to have the maximum impact, it has to have the right momentum.

Memory is a fickle bitch–unless you’re writing the story–so I’m going to take a page out of summer television and do something I’ve never tried:


That’s right. Starting this SUNDAY, July 28, and on every Sunday afterwards, I will re-release the entirety of WBP in order: A LINEN FORCEFIELD, BOOK ONE, BOOK TWO (serialized for the first time) and finally, the new stuff: BOOK THREE, a Coda (the final episode), and, after a seemingly endless time, the comic book at the center of all of it, WHIZ!BAM!POW! COMICS #7,  August 1938.

Now, I’ll preemptively answer a few questions:

You’ve already run BOOK ONE as a serialized story. Why are we going through it again?

I’m never satisfied, and I made numerous edits between the original serialized version and the collected edition. I see no reason to not continue that trend. I’ve grown as a writer, and now I’m taking advantage of the “update” function of Internet storytelling. A story is never finished, just abandoned. Now, it doesn’t have to be abandoned. Yet.

But most importantly, it goes back to something I said earlier: WBP is about people and connections, and without the proper context or momentum, it won’t have the same impact. Plus, it may pick up a new audience that wasn’t there for version 1.0. Or 2.0. Whichever.

What about the collected editions of BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO that are on Amazon for 99 cents? 

They’re not going anywhere. BOOK TWO, for that matter, was never conceived to be serialized, which, in retrospect, was probably a mistake. If you want to read ahead, go ahead and buy them. Think of those like the season box sets of television shows, available at the same time as the show goes into syndication. But the free collected editions? They’re going away. In fact, they’re already gone.  Adios, sayonara, gesundheit.

What about the website? Everything’s already available there? 

It won’t be for long. It’s going to get a shiny new re-design. PDFs will be gone, replaced with a new, Medium-inspired design. All of the vestiges from the past will be scrubbed and overhauled. For the rest of the week, I’m going to strip down and rebuild it, get it ready for the final end-run. A lot has changed in a year, and I want WBP to take advantage of it.

Update: 25 July – it’s done… and isn’t it pretty? 

When will this finally end? 

There’s the prologue, A LINEN FORCEFIELD, that’s one chapter. BOOK ONE  is eight chapters plus three radio show episodes. BOOK TWO  is eight chapters. Book THREE will be (most likely) another eight chapters. The Coda will be one chapter. The comic book will be released simultaneously with the Coda.

If everything goes to plan, the final installment will be released on February 16, 2014.

Thanks all for your support over the years. Starting this Sunday, WHIZ!BAM!POW! will begin its end. Hope you come along for the farewell tour.



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